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My erotic dominant energy is flying full force these days. You can see it in my face, hear it in my voice, feel it in your bones when you (get to) interact with Me. I am available on cam and phone.

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lazy day

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No filters. No photoshop. Just a lazy day in the grass feeling the warmth on my skin. These shoes though… I love how they evoke play.  But today, I’ll just laze around.  We’ll play later.

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Stephen Hawking

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Killer drawing and tribute by @doktorsour

Stephen Hawking. Rest in peace. Thank you for your brilliant mind, you lover of the cosmos and orgies.

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No Wonder

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“It’s no wonder that women can make men self-conscious… it’s the sexual selection forces that women placed upon men that drove rapid human cortical evolution and the development of self-consciousness…”

Do we make you feel self-conscious?  I sure hope so.  We are watching, selecting, deciding… and driving evolution.  The best women I know are already empowered, with their own actualized sense of femininity, intelligence, force.  They wield their power with kindness, empathy, humor and humanity.  I celebrate them every day.


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For the addict.

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Are you worthy to serve?

In a perfect black deep V-neck bodysuit and out-of-this-world bra, I pair them with a gorgeous new pair of shiny black pantyhose: they simply make your heart (and other things) melt. The glow, the soft, rustling sounds… this is pure pantyhose adoration.

Buy it here.

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Feminine, Erotic Drawing

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Can you feel the feminine erotic energy radiating from this drawing?  This was drawn from a photograph I made recently.  I love when I am inspired by artists, and vice versa.

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Panda “Black X6, PhantomWhite X6 looks like a pandaGoin’ out like I’m MontanaHundred killers, hundred hammers” 🎶  Panda – Desiigner



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The doors swung back…

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“The doors swung back outwards and almost settled to a stop.  Before they had entirely stopped moving they opened again, violently, outwards.  Something sailed across the sidewalk and landed in the gutter between two parked cars.  It landed on its hands and knees and made a high keening noise like a cornered rat.  It got up slowly, retrieved a hat and stepped back onto the sidewalk.  It was a thin, narrow-shouldered brown youth in a lilac colored suit and a carnation.  It had slick black hair.  It kept its mouth open and whined for a moment.  People stared at it vaguely.  Then it settled its hat jauntily, sidled over to the wall and walked silently splay-footed off along the block.Silence.  Traffic resumed.  I walked along to the double doors and stood in front of them.  They were motionless now.  It wasn’t any of my business.  So I pushed them open and looked in.”

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Do you have an Asian fetish?

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It’s Chinese New Year and in the spirit of prosperity and fortune… It’s time to give it all to Me.  I am the Asian Provocateur in Agent Provocateur.

This is the Asian Erotic Ripoff.

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Art imitates life

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Art imitates life. I love this drawing of Me.  Should I commission the artist to make a piece of art just for me?


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