New Year Gratitude For Pervs

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We have crossed the threshold into a new year. Can you feel that? Shimmering through your screen is my gratitude for the tributes sent, clips purchased… If you’ve interacted with me and played with me in sessions and heard me guide them with my voice or on cam… lucky you.  On harder days, I forget that so many of my fans and subs are sincerely genuine and lovely. But today, I haven’t forgotten this and, as we turn the corner to longer days, I extend to you my gratitude and wish you a happy New Year.  

My goal this year is to give and receive the kind of quality of connection that we all want. I want everything in my life to be of QUALITY. My friends, my groceries, my outfits, the people I choose to meet, the services I choose to provide, the videos I choose to make, the fantasies I make into reality. All top notch, all of the time. I think it’s important to set high standards for yourself + the life you want. Only the best.   I think you can see it in my work and the content you’ve purchased.  I want the same for you

Your first assignment for 2024, should you choose to accept it, is this: think hard, feel hard, give hard (don’t just jerk hard). 

Think hard about what really turns you on, focus on your top 3 fetishes, and if you’d like to tell me, I’m usually available on LF ( 

Feel hard: I want you to schedule in 3 hours of volunteer work in 2024. 3 hrs spread out through a full year is not difficult. Don’t watch another show, have another coffee. See how you take to it. 3 hours, just try it. I promise you’ll get something out of it that you didn’t expect. 

Give hard. Give a gift to someone who isn’t expecting it (in my case, I often ask for gifts, but I love it when I’m surprised). The thing is, this act of generosity does a lot of things. It makes me smile and leaves a warm feeling in relation to you specifically. Secondly, it starts conversation and intimacy. Connection… Remember

Let’s dive deeper into your kinks, fetishes and desires. Investing in the woman who gives you joy is investing in yourself. I’m not exactly a kink dispenser, but I do appreciate many different tastes and really like is when you understand yourself or at the very least you like to explore your perverted desires and let me poke around those crevices and corners of your horny little brain.

One last random thought… my favourite part of the New Year tradition is the day after the partying/bundling up in bed when we can all get on with our lives. I’ll be honest, I think resolutions are dumb. They’re just goals. And if you aren’t good at making goals and sticking with them, then why torture yourself with resolutions? Also, I’ve given you a few bites to chew on above with your tasks.  

Anyway, with that nugget of advice, and tasks, happy New Year. Now let’s get on to my next favourite subject – my legs. My wish list, AKA things to adorn my legs and body, should you like to make me smile and gift me the things I really want. 

With Love & Gratitude,

Mz. Kim
Asian Dominatrix Femdom Findom Nylon Connoisseur

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San Francisco Folsom Street Fair

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Hello San Francisco

Hello Folsom Street Fair

Hello Degenerates

There are few cities I love playing in more than San Francisco. There are zero street fairs as kinky as this. So this is your chance to experience a unique kind of humored degeneracy, exquisite sensuality, and a confidence in my understanding and endless curiosity of human sexuality and fetishes. I have 1 more opening solo and 1 more opening with my glorious play partner (below) Sept 24-27.  And when I say it’s limited availability… I mean it. I am almost fully booked.  So, do hurry. Apply at

Can you imagine being part of a public scene in which your audience is filled with kinksters, dommes, gawkers, leather boys? Can you imagine being whisked away into a private luxury dungeon in the heart of San Francisco? Can you imagine having me guide you into a moment in your life that is so sublime and intense that it will be etched into your memory forever? 

For those of you who can only observe from afar, read about my Kink content folder, my sexy times about to happen with Rei, Andrea, and contributions HERE:

You must apply through my application on my website here.

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Columbus Ohio

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My accomplished friend Goddess Alexandra Snow has started a new space in Columbus, Ohio. I will be attending the grand opening of Wicked Eden and celebrating the beginning of this massive undertaking and non-profit called the Autonomy Project, a first of its kind in the country. 

I am scheduling sessions June 1-4 in Columbus. This is very unusual. All of my session spots are usually reserved for people I have known for years and there is usually a 6 month to 2 year waiting list. What can I say? I am in demand and I’m really good at what I do. 

But this event is special. If you are an attendee of A Wicked Event, can you imagine being part of a public scene in which your audience is filled with world-class dommes? Can you imagine having me guide you into a moment in your life that is so sublime and intense that it will be etched into your memory forever? 

Tickets will sell out, so go buy it before you run out of time and are desperate and left outside while all the fun is had inside.

I have 3 spots left for June 2, 3, 4.  I have no plans to return to the midwest any time soon, so this will be your chance to book something with me.

Unable serve me for a full session? I will be available for cash meets in Columbus. Maybe you’ll get kicked in the balls at the park. Maybe I’ll let you kiss my feet on the street. 

You must apply through my application on my website here.

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SextPanther (For Models)

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Models! This is a quick tips and tricks post for SextPanther. If you have not yet signed up for SextPanther, take this as your sign from the universe to do it today. It takes a day or two to be approved, and the application is one of the easiest I’ve used. If you sign up, please use my referral link here.

I have an e-book that I give away without charge if you sign up using my referral code, or take my online SP class. If you are new to sex work, you won’t be approved for SextPanther right away.  They require an established social media presence OR established following on other adult platforms.  The good news is, even if you aren’t approved at first, you can apply again and multiple times.  Sometimes it only takes a short while to build a bit of a Twitter following and if you use my referral code, often times your approval process goes more smoothly.  Because their main requirement is that you have some sort of established following, if you get that following first on any of the sites they mention, then you will be approved.

SextPanther gives you the option to charge for your phone number, or to make it free. This is not your real phone number! You can find your SP phone number on your profile once you have your profile established. It’s a number that SextPanther relays calls and texts through.

I recommend making your number free. Customers must pay to message you, but you want them to add your number to their list for free.

Sextpanther is a powerful web-based platform that works both on your phone through SMS texting, on your browser, and through the SP app. Messages populate all three if you let them.  The browser version is the one that is easiest and most efficient to use, mainly because you have the option of easily uploading from your computer with the function of a mouse and keyboard. SextPanther has recently improved its app and its site in many ways – from loading times, to message speeds, to new features that help make money easier. The bulk of your interactions will be sexting and sending media messages. Phone and Video are also possible.

Fill out your profile fully. Add as many photos in the gallery as are allowedPro Tip: Switch up those photos, including your main photo – every 2 or 3 days / times you are on SP. Check your profile and links by viewing your profile without being signed in as a provider.  Make sure everything looks good.  Is there a photo you meant to be a paid photo, but is actually viewable as a free photo? Does a link not work?

When you make content, always think about what your strengths are, what your assets are, and what your limits are.  This is a huge subject and is covered in my other workshops.  I offer quite a few resources for sex workers on my website where there’s a section specifically designed for SW resources and classes ( 

Both my SextPanther – How To Make Money Online, a 30 page E-book, and full video class can be purchased here:

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Humiliation Audios For the Soul

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I forget how much I enjoy making audio fantasies. There’s something so sensual, so powerful in making your knees quiver and the hairs on your neck stand up while you listen to my voice. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can listen to my voice and get lost in it. Just put in those headphones and give in.

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Your Vote Means Something!

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If you’ve taken classes from me, or even if you haven’t, perhaps you get the feeling that I advocate for sex workers by doing the hard work and taking action.  This action comes from wanting to educate and make working as a SW easier.  This action comes from donating money to sex worker-focused spaces; donating my online classes to those in need; giving my time online and in person in the form of education and problem-solving conversations; writing articles and posts about the struggles, stigma and triumphs of being a SW.
So, how pleased was I to be recognized by YNOT awards as a nominee for Sex Worker Advocate! I’m proud of the work I’ve put into advocacy. 

I would so appreciate it if you voted for me. Your vote means something! It means that you think my work matters. It means that you think SWs are human beings, who do real work; that we care about others; that SW education and advocacy are necessary. I teach and give my time and advocate for sex workers because I believe in this work. It has given me the freedom and expression and independence in ways that very few jobs can.

Sign up at this link and vote every day to help me win! (You have to sign up before voting)

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Featured Next To…

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Not gonna lie, I love being featured next to Cardi B and weird sex toys on @AVN Check out the feature article here.

“As an online dominatrix, I am able to reach through my screen and touch the lives of so many people around the world,” she told AVN. “I’ve done so for a long time, and what my clients have come to expect from me are deep understanding of unusual and erotic fetishes and real interest in them as people.”

Role-playing games form a significant element of her relationship with her online clients, “as well as therapist-style sessions in which I manipulate men into doing some awful, dirty things. I wear beautiful business suits and do lots of CEI and chastity games,” she said. “They are just so much fun.”

Lawrence Avery for AVN Media Group

This article has been the best written and comprehensive thus far encapsulating the kind of work that I do, and the courses I’m teaching, and why they matter. After having had some experience with mainstream & adult media, I sometimes forget the things I’ve said. Sometimes those things are poignant and well stated. Sometimes, I am horribly misquoted, and I sound like an idiot.

I’m just relieved and thankful that the AVN article is such a good one. Also, being featured next to Cardi B on the same website might seem silly to point out. But… AVN is the biggest adult site in the world and I think it’s pretty cool.

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The NYT Interviewed Me

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And even now, as most of other industries are struggling because of Covid-19, Mz. Kim said her online business is booming. “Many of my clients are home and need guidance, understanding and a reassuring, strong voice,” she wrote in an email, adding that “another reason for business being up may be that the subset of men who are now forced to stay home simply have more opportunities to play.”

Full article, cover of the Sunday Style section 09/27/2020

Back in January, right before AVN, a reporter from the New York Times reached out to ask about the online sex work economy. She had heard that I was teaching classes in Portland, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Back then, the classes were called Monetizing Your Appeal. She even flew out from New York to attend my workshop.

Fast forward to COVID and teaching several online classes later, with so much of the nation being in turmoil, the article finally comes out. I’m really proud of being a part of this story, and how much of what’s in the story is information that I tried to convey about this fascinating industry. ⁠

I wish that there had been more focus on how much work it takes to run a successful business in sex work. And more about the fascinating ins and outs of work that deals with sexuality, power, and money. Maybe that will become part 2 of this story regarding a vast online economy that many don’t understand or see.

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New Classes

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New live classes and recorded classes have been added due to high demand. To read my most recent Medium article, CORONA, THE ONLINE SEX WORK ECONOMY AND GIVING BACK, click here.

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Sex Workers! Finally, an INVESTING CLASS for you!

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Investing For Sex Workers Class 1 – Investing Fundamentals I’m bringing in a licensed CPA to speak! Register now for this event before it’s sold out, scheduled to go live on September 30 @ 6 PM EDT / 3 PM PST. If you can’t make the class, your ticket link gets you access to the recording!

This is a series of 3 courses designed to fundamentally shift your way of looking at money, learn how to build your wealth and invest as a SW.  

You can’t invest if you don’t have money.  You can’t have money unless you have an understanding of your personal finances.   You can’t invest or retire unless you build this foundational understanding of personal finance and savings & retirement strategies.  

Perhaps talking about specifics of personal finance and tax-advantaged vehicles isn’t sexy.  You know what is sexy? Being rich.  Building wealth. Saving money is sexy!  Accumulating money to be able to invest in your future is sexy!  

In this fundamentals class, we will discuss the pitfalls SWs find in investing.

1) Thorough introduction covering some foundation skills
2) The #1 most effective strategy in saving
3) Fundamentals in retirement tools & vehicles

All of my classes and resources can be found here.

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