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Resource page and links for online domination, online content making & strategies.

This is the SW resource page.  My DomCon L.A. presentation (“Monetizing Your Appeal: Online Domination, Content, & Presence”) garnered quite a bit of interest and I wanted to provide a landing page for those who would like site links, resources, referrals and help.

Please use these links below to sign up; I do receive referral bonuses through some of them.  In return for signing up with these links, I would be happy to chat with you about the features of these sites should you need help using them.  Please email me after you have signed up and would like help navigating through them.

I will also provide group Skype consults for a fee.  Sites like Niteflirt, IWC and C4S can be quite complicated, and it will take a lot more than a few DMs to explain how they work.  I offer a free 15 minute consult for those who have taken my classes.

Are you an educator? Are you looking for an online platform to teach your skills and classes? Check out Crowdcast. They make recording your online classes easy. And you can interact with your audience live in several ways. The available functions are easy to understand.

Classes/ Workshops/ Webinars

Please click on this link to see all of my available recorded webinars, upcoming classes and workshops specifically designed for SWs!

Texting/Sexting: Sign up to monetize texting.
When you sign up using my referral code at SextPanther, please message me and I’ll send you my best practices file w in-depth tips as well as give you individual guidance.  Or, purchase separately my SextPanther Best Practices Guide  – In Depth Tips & Tricks.

Gumroad – Resources For SWs

Sign up to OnlyFans: A subscription service.

Sign up to: Loyal Fans, A great subscription service

Best Femdom/Fetish Clip Sites:

Sign up to IWantClips.

Sign up to Niteflirt.  (New Clients: Go here)

Sign up to Clips4Sale.

YNOT Mail Email Marketing

Femdom cam resource page.