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This is the classes/workshops/webinars page.  My DomCon L.A. presentation (“Monetizing Your Appeal: Online Domination, Content, & Presence”) garnered quite a bit of interest and I wanted to provide a landing page with all of the classes I have taught, some available in recorded form, and will be teaching live.

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So You Want To Make Money Online Through SW – Level 1

This is a recorded level 1 /beginner online class.  This is an online seminar for those new to the industry as well as those who are transitioning from in-person work to online. Lack of education on the possibilities of online work is one of problems in getting started in this business. You’ve probably heard of the many ways that SWs can make money online. However, it’s overwhelming the amount of bad information or lack of information there is out there. How do you know which platforms to choose? How do you even go about making content? What is defined as content? What do you have to sell? What are your limits? 100% of proceeds from the class go to struggling BDSM spaces trying to stay in business during the Corona Virus crisis.

Make Money Online Through SW – Level 2
Level 2 (recorded webinar) is intended for anyone who is familiar with online SW. This webinar gets deeper into making content, powerful content platforms, making connections, making a website and key marketing info. 1) Self-evaluation and what works for you? 2) Building your business & Powerful Platforms: Building on Part I within this course is the makings of how to build your own small business and brand. Administrative necessities, understanding equipment specifics, time management are essential skills. 3) Website & social media Why are these important? How to develop your site for maximum impact and SEO Social Media: how important is marketing? How much time should you spend on Twitter/Instagram?

Make Money Online Through SW – Level 3 Advanced
Level 3 leverages the tools previously taught to get into the technical and specifics of the most popular content sites, key strategies in website development, SEO, sales funnels, website specifics and key marketing info, digging deeper into the biggest sites.
1) Big Concept –  What can you do that lots of people can’t do?  Career capital/currency.  Invest in your own currency. Deep Work.
2) Can you measure your success?
3)  Website development – Function/Form
4)  Marketing skills – beyond social media.


I have been successfully using and making money online through Niteflirt since – eeek – 2005.  My feedback and track record shows my success and deep understanding on this platform.  In this class, we will cover:
1) Getting started – the basics for getting your profiles going. Remember that you can replay this class to review the different steps involved in NF.
2)  Content & Uploads  
3) Page Development – HTML & Profile basics 
4) Beginner Guidelines / setting prices

Make Money Online Through SW – NITEFLIRT ADVANCED
The class will flow much easier if you have already started a Niteflirt account and have it ready to click through and follow along.  Your profile does not need to be developed yet.  But don’t worry, you can pause and replay any time.

In this class, we will cover:
1) Page Development – Advanced Functions 
2)  Email functions – Advanced email  / mass messaging
3) Feature bidding
4) Q & A

Niteflirt HTML Template

Jessica Starling and I teamed up to provide this great, easy-to-customize HTML template. Please purchase it here.