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Learn more about how and why this exclusive Asian Dominatrix is able to charge high prices

I get this question once in a while. “Why are your videos (sessions, calls, etc) so expensive?” Response: Solve your problems by becoming rich, instead of complaining to someone who can command these prices.

Look, I never balk at small purchases or small tributes. I respect those who work within their budgets and send what they can. In fact, the harder you work, the more devoted you are, the more likely I am to accept you. It doesn’t take being rich to gain favor with me. However, I do not feel the need to ensure that everything I make or offer is affordable for everyone. As an exclusive Asian Dominatrix who has run an extremely successful business for over 10 years, I know what price models work for me.

Certain kinds of content are meant to be geared towards a bigger audience. Other kinds of content like this are meant to be exclusive. Couture, if you will. This means that they are tailored to people who want those specific things and are willing to pay for them. Sometimes it’s shocking and very hard for people to understand why or how I can charge these prices. As this guy said, “O.k. Mz. Kim so you have a lot of people buying your videos at $999 for a little 15-20 minute video.” My answer: Indeed. I have subs who pay $20 to chat with me. I have subs who pay thousands to speak to me, to see me on cam, to serve me.

And they are willing to pay. Thousands per video sometimes. Thousands per session sometimes. It’s ok if you aren’t that person. It’s ok if you don’t believe that those people exist. They have more money than you and that’s not your problem. But if you want to play with the big girls, then you have to act like a big boy and make more money.

And, if you make it your problem by complaining, then you look like a whiner and no one will want to play with you.

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