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Surrender: Give Up | Give In | Give Over

Perhaps its my voice, my undulating motions, the music.  People love this video.  You’ll love it, too.  You’ll love relaxing into it.  Fetch here.

A truly hypnotic video in which I set your mind at complete ease and happiness, then give you trigger words to focus on. A visual and aural feast, you should definitely sit in a quiet room and use your headphones. Then melt into my voice, slowly dripping into your ears, and my body, taking over every corner of your mind. By the end, you will be a a good little sponge, so relaxed and so happy and you will learn to give in, give up and give over. I want to Torment you into devotion.

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Imagine this, you wake up on a glorious Sunday morning to find a newsletter waiting for you in your inbox… from me!

Wouldn’t you love to receive that?  If you haven’t already subscribed, do it!  The little “subscribe” button is all over my site.  And if you missed my last newsletter, here it is.


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This is your Nylon Obsession calling. Answer the phone.


p.s. this set was self-portraiture, the full, uncensored set is available for purchase here.


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I love public worship and humiliation.


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I Will Cure You Of Your Nylon Obsession

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Mz. Kim is a skilled therapist and you have come to her to try to rid you of your nylon obsession. She tells you that she can do it no problem, and puts you into a trance. Instead of curing you of this obsession, she strengthens this addiction, specifically to her own legs and feet. She puts you under her spell and from now on, whenever you see her legs, you will instantly become weak and aroused, and drop to your knees. You will come back every week to continue your “therapy” sessions because you really, really believe that she is curing you.

This clip includes binaural beats, background music, subliminal triggers & visual effects. Do enjoy with headphones in a darkened room.

Purchase this here.

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Go get em

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I am in the top clips often.  These are at the top on IWC.  Buy them here.

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Dirty Feet for Dirty Minds and Other Stuff

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I benefited very much from the absolute knowledge that no one would read my stuff. I benefited from low expectations. I wrote honestly and quickly, because I didn’t have the luxury of doing anything else. Because I was certain no one would read it, I was really writing as honestly as I could for a perceived audience of 8 people, all of whom were fry cooks. — Anthony Bourdain pod cast with Andy Greenwald.

This photo is called :::Dirty feet for dirty minds:::

I have decided to change my blog, which has been my dedication to visual stories. I used to write. I used to care about it and loved it. I used to be decent at it. And it was a lot like that, what Bourdain said. I wrote for a tiny perceived audience. It was honest, poetic, sexy as hell and what I created was transcendent. That is, it transcended me into a different plane of thinking and feeling. I am more honest, more poetic, and sexier now than I have ever been.

So, I will be writing again. Lucky you.

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I woke up this morning

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I woke up this morning from strange and terrible dreams. Then, I found out about his death, and it hurt. It’s not like I knew the man personally. Yet, he made himself seem so knowable. He made it easy to love what he loved, engage in what moved him.

May you rest in peace and thank you for all you have shared with us, Anthony Bourdain.



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My erotic dominant energy is flying full force these days. You can see it in my face, hear it in my voice, feel it in your bones when you (get to) interact with Me. I am available on cam and phone.

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lazy day

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No filters. No photoshop. Just a lazy day in the grass feeling the warmth on my skin. These shoes though… I love how they evoke play.  But today, I’ll just laze around.  We’ll play later.

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