3 more to go.

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“3 more to go. That’s friendship.” Jacket and panties on Mz. Kim fr @patrice_catanzaro @darkestfoxnyc

Behind-the-scenes: how we get dressed.

Leather daddy, leather fetish, garters and stockings, Asian femdom, bts.

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Just say “yes”

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We will do the rest.

Violet Doll is just so fabulous.
Black jacket @patrice_catanzaro @darkestfoxnyc


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Stomp Crunch Run! Look who I found at AVN.

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Astrodomina is amazing. I have a hard time not adoring her immediately. You might catch some of this on the IWantclips snapchat takeover today for a look into the mayhem that is AVN.

Then it will go to my premium snapchat accessible through

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I am the maker of fantasies

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I am the maker of fantasies and dreams.  I am fueled by your kinks,  your perversions.  In turn, I fulfill my own through photographic and moving images.  Of which, then, propel your fantasies and dreams.  
For a few short days, we, the fantasy makers, the dream weavers, and smut makers, the fuel for all of your fires converge in a little place called Las Vegas. For debauchery, discovery, and sin, dial 1-800-MzKimdotcom.

It’s hard to know what to expect. I am in the pornographic eye of the storm made of chaos and funny moments, camaraderie between women, and debauchery. Welcome to the pleasure dome.

Note: honestly, if you want to see behind-the-scenes ridiculousness: for my premium snapchat. I am looking forward to sharing some indescribable moments with you.

Photo by the talented: @freshieisntcool (

Models: @MzKim_AP @Ms.AndreaRosu ( I am honored to have worked with such creative, sexual powerhouses.

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Feet In Skin Colored Nylons

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I’m not even going to say a word. I’m just going to stick my beautiful feet wrapped in skin colored nylons in front of your face for however long I feel like and you’ll love it, and thank me for it.

You may purchase this video here.

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So, what do you want to talk about?

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photo: @isabeldresler
lingerie by: @atelierbordelle

It’s good to get weird sometimes.

What do you do to get weird?
Comments welcome below.

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I am online today.

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Want to hear my voice? Interact with me on Skype?  — to purchase my Skype ID — to choose from my Niteflirt profiles.

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Be a dear

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and fetch me my champagne. But only bring it on your hands and knees.

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Violet Doll & I, and other deets

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Violet Doll and Mz. Kim are teaming up for sublime master domination.
Jan 22-27
Las Vegas AVN AEE
Submit your requests now for very limited availability.

Because of the rare opportunity I am providing for those who seek it during AVN this january, I have decided to post this Sub Application.  This application is the beginning to all service. 

Also, to answer some frequent questions, here are some answers. 

A happy Goddess shares in her joy!  I am quite satisfied in both my professional and personal kink lives.  However, I will consider new submissives who can play in the capacity I deem suitable.

Online/Distance Domination: This is the primary way that I train, and play with my submissives.  I love the anonymity and privacy this form of play provides my subs.  I love the creativity and fun that we can share in through chat, talk, or Skype.  The first step is to reach me on Skype.  My Skype ID can be purchased at  I would love to have a quick introduction with you before we begin play.

Real time sessions: when I receive requests for these, the answer is always no.  However, if you read further, you will gather that there are caveats to almost everything.  In rare instances, I accept new submissives who are service oriented and intelligent. Humility, wit, interests in humiliation and understanding of self are valued assets.  

The ever important question of financial service: Service of any kind that you wish to give cannot really be accepted without any financial incentive.  This is My work and I expect to be compensated for it. While a high level financial servitude is not always required, financial security will support your ability to serve Me in a functional manner.  

Be your best for Me, raise Me as your Queen, you will find reward in that service.

Again, the full Application here is linked and the downloadable Sub_ApplicationForMzKim is here.  It is the first step to all service. 

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This is a self portrait. 

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I look like I was paid a lot of money to wait for someone in an expensive hotel suite expecting to have my exquisite pantyhose legs worshipped. That person was maybe late, and I was forced to take some exquisite selfies while thinking of ways to punish said person. 😀

My exquisite content is here:
Some of my high end pantyhose fetish content can be found here:

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