Bow Down

Asian Dominatrix Mz. Kim

I am an Asian Dominatrix located in the United States. I operate online and train & play with submissives from all over the world. Come face-to-face with the truth of female supremacy; with my superiority. I’m going to disassemble and rebuild you into a better man.

I answer to many titles: Mistress, Goddess, Mz. Kim, Domina, Mommy, Teacher, Erotic Nemesis, Pervert, Filthy Manipulatrix and so on. While these titles suit me very well, I have come to realize that my dominant sexual energy is what defines me most. I am powerful, I am limitless.

There is a vital fact that you have come across and you can no longer deny it. You’ve learned that women are powerful. Women wield the power to manipulate you, disassemble you.

We make you feel vulnerable and you’ve underestimated the power of our sexuality. When your silly, weak brain gets you turned on and it seems you are always turned on, you’ve come face-to-face with this truth. Your ego has been dismantled too many times to deny it. You’ve started to accept the truth of female supremacy. And you are here because of my female superiority.

It’s ok to be frightened. Don’t worry, I’m just a woman and it’s just a little p@rn. If you’re slightly tickled and dismiss this desire, this lust as a passing fancy, I won’t mind. Just remember that you came here for a reason, a truth that you can’t quite deny. I’m only here to weaponize this truth and manipulate you in the most erotic ways.

So, you ache and you yearn and you seek. You want to worship, you want to be of use. You need to be a good boy for me. It all start with a little application.


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Stretch the conditions: of possibility, exploration, uninhibited play.

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