Dear Perverts

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Dear Perverts, do you know what a custom video is?  Do you know how to get one? Time to attend class and get some schooling.  I am a fetish model;  I am a distance domina;  I am a smut-maker extraordinaire.

Do you have a fetish?  Do you have a specific fantasy you have always wanted to watch?  I bet you do.  Maybe it’s about a woman putting on stockings and garters and dancing for you.  Maybe it’s someone telling you exactly what to do; what to think; what to touch or not to touch.  Maybe it’s a taboo, and you want Mommy to show you how to stroke.  Maybe you have a high-heel fetish, or a no-heel fetish.  Maybe it’s a nurse tenderly tending to what ails you. Or a referee making/enforcing the rules you so badly need.  I love playing out fantasies, and etching my image into your psyche.

For those of you who have been too shy or just don’t know how to make this dream come true, this is how you do it.  Think about what you want.  Write down what turns you on and what you are looking for.  Custom videos tend to be between 10-30 min long.  And because it’s especially made for you, it can be expensive (generally between $10-20 per minute) depending on how involved the script it.  Email the request.  Be respectful.  This is my work.  I love my work, but I do not do it for free.  And I certainly won’t respond to rude, demanding, entitled people.  You’d be surprised with what you can get, though, if you just ask (and pay) nicely.


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