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Due to the high level of interest from my talk at DomCon L.A., I have started a resource page specifically for SWs. This is the description for the class: “Monetizing Your Appeal: Online Domination, Content, & Presence”.

“Whether you are a seasoned pro, or a novice interested in sex work, your online presence is an essential part of your business.  In this class, Mz. Kim, a professional Domina of 13 years, has put together key points to harness your potential to maximize and monetize your online presence.  This class is less about the inner workings of any specific site, and more about the possibilities of what might work for you.
1) What are your strengths? Self evaluation is key in deciding how to focus your time and effort.
2) Powerful platforms
3) Website & social media “

— Mz. Kim DomCon LA 2019

I started a resource page for all SWs to use. Please go here for your SW links and needs. I have also decided to offer group Skype classes for specific needs.

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