New Year Gratitude For Pervs

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We have crossed the threshold into a new year. Can you feel that? Shimmering through your screen is my gratitude for the tributes sent, clips purchased… If you’ve interacted with me and played with me in sessions and heard me guide them with my voice or on cam… lucky you.  On harder days, I forget that so many of my fans and subs are sincerely genuine and lovely. But today, I haven’t forgotten this and, as we turn the corner to longer days, I extend to you my gratitude and wish you a happy New Year.  

My goal this year is to give and receive the kind of quality of connection that we all want. I want everything in my life to be of QUALITY. My friends, my groceries, my outfits, the people I choose to meet, the services I choose to provide, the videos I choose to make, the fantasies I make into reality. All top notch, all of the time. I think it’s important to set high standards for yourself + the life you want. Only the best.   I think you can see it in my work and the content you’ve purchased.  I want the same for you

Your first assignment for 2024, should you choose to accept it, is this: think hard, feel hard, give hard (don’t just jerk hard). 

Think hard about what really turns you on, focus on your top 3 fetishes, and if you’d like to tell me, I’m usually available on LF ( 

Feel hard: I want you to schedule in 3 hours of volunteer work in 2024. 3 hrs spread out through a full year is not difficult. Don’t watch another show, have another coffee. See how you take to it. 3 hours, just try it. I promise you’ll get something out of it that you didn’t expect. 

Give hard. Give a gift to someone who isn’t expecting it (in my case, I often ask for gifts, but I love it when I’m surprised). The thing is, this act of generosity does a lot of things. It makes me smile and leaves a warm feeling in relation to you specifically. Secondly, it starts conversation and intimacy. Connection… Remember

Let’s dive deeper into your kinks, fetishes and desires. Investing in the woman who gives you joy is investing in yourself. I’m not exactly a kink dispenser, but I do appreciate many different tastes and really like is when you understand yourself or at the very least you like to explore your perverted desires and let me poke around those crevices and corners of your horny little brain.

One last random thought… my favourite part of the New Year tradition is the day after the partying/bundling up in bed when we can all get on with our lives. I’ll be honest, I think resolutions are dumb. They’re just goals. And if you aren’t good at making goals and sticking with them, then why torture yourself with resolutions? Also, I’ve given you a few bites to chew on above with your tasks.  

Anyway, with that nugget of advice, and tasks, happy New Year. Now let’s get on to my next favourite subject – my legs. My wish list, AKA things to adorn my legs and body, should you like to make me smile and gift me the things I really want. 

With Love & Gratitude,

Mz. Kim
Asian Dominatrix Femdom Findom Nylon Connoisseur

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