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Elite Femdom Mz Kim Discusses Kink, BDSM and American…

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“I am not someone who will belittle you for what you desire, unless that’s what you’re all about, in which case, get down and lick my dirty shoes, you nasty little perv.” Recently, I was interviewed for IwantClips and featured on their site. I am pleased with this interview. Read it, comment. This is a […]

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I am the maker of fantasies

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I am the maker of fantasies and dreams.  I am fueled by your kinks,  your perversions.  In turn, I fulfill my own through photographic and moving images.  Of which, then, propel your fantasies and dreams.   For a few short days, we, the fantasy makers, the dream weavers, and smut makers, the fuel for all of […]

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Double Domme Dream Team

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@goddessstellasol & @Mz.Kim.AP (this is me, in case you don’t know what webpage you are on) are together making custom videos, scheduling Skype sessions & cashmeets November 18 & 19.  Imagine meeting us in person & handing us your hard-earned cash for the pleasure of facing us directly, or getting to worship during a planned Skype session. […]

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Under the shade of a lemonade stand

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Under the shade of a lemonade stand, in the bright white hot of day, I pull up my cotton dress to feel a tiny warm sliver of breeze tickling my thighs.  I can feel you looking at me.  I look up and into your eyes.

Find me here.


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📷 @2ndlifephotography
Models: @mz.kim.ap @mel.green13
—————— Panda “Black X6, Phantom
White X6 looks like a panda
Goin’ out like I’m Montana
Hundred killers, hundred hammers” 🎶  Panda – Desiigner

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The Executrix Surprise

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The Executrix Surprise – Tell me everything you know or you will be sorry!


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Are You Ready For This?

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Are You Ready For This? Can you keep up with my speed and strength or will my boxing gloves knock you out quickly?


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