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  Surrender: Give Up | Give In | Give Over Perhaps its my voice, my undulating motions, the music.  People love this video.  You’ll love it, too.  You’ll love relaxing into it.  Fetch here. A truly hypnotic video in which I set your mind at complete ease and happiness, then give you trigger words to […]

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I Will Cure You Of Your Nylon Obsession

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I Will Cure You Of Your Nylon Obsession (MP4)

Mz. Kim is a skilled therapist and you have come to her to try to rid you of your nylon obsession. She tells you that she can do it no problem, and puts you into a trance. Instead of curing you of this obsession, she strengthens this addiction, specifically to her own legs and feet. She puts you under her spell and from now on, whenever you see her legs, you will instantly become weak and aroused, and drop to your knees. You will come back every week to continue your “therapy” sessions because you really, really believe that she is curing you.
This clip includes binaural beats, background music, subliminal triggers & visual effects. Do enjoy with headphones in a darkened room.
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