The NYT Interviewed Me

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And even now, as most of other industries are struggling because of Covid-19, Mz. Kim said her online business is booming. “Many of my clients are home and need guidance, understanding and a reassuring, strong voice,” she wrote in an email, adding that “another reason for business being up may be that the subset of men who are now forced to stay home simply have more opportunities to play.”

Full article, cover of the Sunday Style section 09/27/2020

Back in January, right before AVN, a reporter from the New York Times reached out to ask about the online sex work economy. She had heard that I was teaching classes in Portland, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Back then, the classes were called Monetizing Your Appeal. She even flew out from New York to attend my workshop.

Fast forward to COVID and teaching several online classes later, with so much of the nation being in turmoil, the article finally comes out. I’m really proud of being a part of this story, and how much of what’s in the story is information that I tried to convey about this fascinating industry. ⁠

I wish that there had been more focus on how much work it takes to run a successful business in sex work. And more about the fascinating ins and outs of work that deals with sexuality, power, and money. Maybe that will become part 2 of this story regarding a vast online economy that many don’t understand or see.

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