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Not gonna lie, I love being featured next to Cardi B and weird sex toys on @AVN Check out the feature article here.

“As an online dominatrix, I am able to reach through my screen and touch the lives of so many people around the world,” she told AVN. “I’ve done so for a long time, and what my clients have come to expect from me are deep understanding of unusual and erotic fetishes and real interest in them as people.”

Role-playing games form a significant element of her relationship with her online clients, “as well as therapist-style sessions in which I manipulate men into doing some awful, dirty things. I wear beautiful business suits and do lots of CEI and chastity games,” she said. “They are just so much fun.”

Lawrence Avery for AVN Media Group

This article has been the best written and comprehensive thus far encapsulating the kind of work that I do, and the courses I’m teaching, and why they matter. After having had some experience with mainstream & adult media, I sometimes forget the things I’ve said. Sometimes those things are poignant and well stated. Sometimes, I am horribly misquoted, and I sound like an idiot.

I’m just relieved and thankful that the AVN article is such a good one. Also, being featured next to Cardi B on the same website might seem silly to point out. But… AVN is the biggest adult site in the world and I think it’s pretty cool.

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