Dirty Feet for Dirty Minds and Other Stuff

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I benefited very much from the absolute knowledge that no one would read my stuff. I benefited from low expectations. I wrote honestly and quickly, because I didn’t have the luxury of doing anything else. Because I was certain no one would read it, I was really writing as honestly as I could for a perceived audience of 8 people, all of whom were fry cooks. — Anthony Bourdain pod cast with Andy Greenwald. :::Dirty feet for dirty minds::: I have decided to change my blog, which has been my dedication to visual stories. I used to write. I used to care about it and loved it. I used to be decent at it. And it was a lot like that, what Bourdain said. I wrote for a tiny perceived audience. It was honest, poetic, sexy as hell and what I created was transcendent. That is, it transcended me into a different plane of thinking and feeling. I am more honest, more poetic, and sexier now than I have ever been. So, I will be writing again. Lucky you.
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I woke up this morning

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I woke up this morning from strange and terrible dreams. Then, I found out about his death, and it hurt. It’s not like I knew the man personally. Yet, he made himself seem so knowable. He made it easy to love what he loved, engage in what moved him.
May you rest in peace and thank you for all you have shared with us

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