Dirty Feet for Dirty Minds and Other Stuff

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I benefited very much from the absolute knowledge that no one would read my stuff. I benefited from low expectations. I wrote honestly and quickly, because I didn’t have the luxury of doing anything else. Because I was certain no one would read it, I was really writing as honestly as I could for a perceived audience of 8 people, all of whom were fry cooks. — Anthony Bourdain pod cast with Andy Greenwald. :::Dirty feet for dirty minds::: I have decided to change my blog, which has been my dedication to visual stories. I used to write. I used to care about it and loved it. I used to be decent at it. And it was a lot like that, what Bourdain said. I wrote for a tiny perceived audience. It was honest, poetic, sexy as hell and what I created was transcendent. That is, it transcended me into a different plane of thinking and feeling. I am more honest, more poetic, and sexier now than I have ever been. So, I will be writing again. Lucky you.
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